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Please note that Chumlet Safaris is not a taxidermists. All of our taxidermy work is referred to UNIVERSAL TROPHY SERVICES.

Universal Trophy Services (UTS) is a company that has been established to provide an efficient and professional trophy processing and export service to the International Hunting Market Sector within South Africa. The main business of UTS is raw preparation of hunting trophies but in order to provide a broader coherent service to our clients, UTS has diverged into skull on shield mounting, fur tanning of flat skins, and the freight forwarding of curio’s and hunting trophies.

  1. The main aim and mission of UTS is to provide an uncompromising and professional service to our clients.
  2. To deliver QUALITY – All trophies undergo a stringent quality control process and are treated to internationally specified standards.
  3. UTS tailor makes and professionally packs each crate and arranges all freighting to ensure that trophies arrive to destination in the specified time, secured within the crate to minimize the risk of damage during transit.


The facilities of Universal Trophy Services have been validated and certified as an International standard facility by the National Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Land Affairs in conjunction with the National Department of Veterinary Services. Raw Prep of all trophies is conducted according to EU and US requirements.

Universal Trophy Services applies for all export permits including CITES permits and all veterinary export certificates.

Outfitters are required to submit the signed pink copy of the hunting register along with the landowner exemption certificate (if not on record of prior having forwarded to the relevant provincial nature conservation office) and the trophy / taxidermy instructions pertaining to the clients trophies.

All crates are custom built according to the consignment size and requirements. The Crates are built out of plywood and timber. Trophies are thoroughly wrapped in plastic to ensure protection in transit and are all firmly secured within the crate to prevent all movement.

The freighting costs are calculated according to the volumetric weight of the crate and the destination of the crate. Freighting costs need to be settled before the consignment leaves South Africa. All trophies are freighted via airfreight unless otherwise requested. UTS also arranges the services of Import & Clearing agents, who can clear and deliver the client’s consignment on his behalf – the cost incurred being for that of the client to be settled directly with the clearing agent.

UTS makes arrangements for the collection of trophies either within the company or through a courier service. Collection points have been established at Johannesburg International Airport, should this be of extra convenience for the Outfitting Company or professional hunter. Collected or received, each trophy is thoroughly checked to ensure that the trophies have received the correct field preparation.

For the most part raw prep consignments reach the country of destination within 3-4 months. However factors beyond UTS control could increase the length of time. The year-end period for example, often leads to delays as airline companies give priority to soft goods-export permit complication have also caused minor delays and in the event of such situation occurring, the client will be duly informed.
Please note that the month of December is not included in the processing time of 3-4months, as the facility closes down over that period and all trophy processing comes to a halt. When tanning larger consignments of flatskins, capes, fullskins and backskins the turn-around time can extend to around 5 months.

When the consignment reaches its destination, it is usually sent directly to the client or his preferred clearing agent ortaxidermist. If no clearing agent has been nominated, the client is able to clear the consignment himself should he wish to do so. Please see clearing agents that we dealt with on a regular basis. Trinkaus Trophaenspedition, Laser Line Trophaenspedition, A.S.S Trophaenspedition (Germany), Trophy Trans Hartl KEG (Austria), Gondrand (France), Fauna & Flora (USA) Coppersmith (USA) Hunter International (USA) ABX Logistics (USA)

The largest and most important factor is the cost! Having trophies mounted in South Africa might well be more affordable than abroad but the cost of freighting mounted trophies is far more substantial as freighting cost are calculated on Volumetric weight i.e. the size if the crate as opposed to the actual weight. With regards to the freighting costs exclusively, it would be far more cost effective to send trophies in their raw state. However the inflated price of mounting your trophies in your home country would have to be compared and evaluated against the above-mentioned factors. With regards to time, raw prep trophies reach the clients within 3 – 4 months, whereas the lead time to complete trophies from the top taxidermists in South Africa is usually a full year and sometimes even longer. With trophies mounted in the client’s home country, better control can be kept on the progress of the trophies while they are being mounted.

On request insurance on consignments as well as microchips for the CITES animals can be arranged. Insurance amounts to roughly 1% of the insured value of the cargo. The insurance company generally only covers the consignment from airport to airport, for total loss or damage caused in transit.

Universal Trophy Services conducts excellent skull on shield mounts as well warthog tusks on shield mounts. Shields are made from Kiaat (indigenous wood to Southern Africa). The colour for the most part is richly dark with striking patterns; this tends to bring out an effective contrast between the skull and the wood. The shield can be ordered specifically to the client’s request concerning the shape or colour. The photos in our gallery will give you a better indication of various mounted trophies.
Similarly, please see the different options available to the client with regards to mounting of Warthog tusks. To mention some of the options, the shields can be round, oval or made as per your request with the bindings at the centre of the tusks consisting of Warthog leather or copper capping.

We tan large amounts of flatskins. The level of quality is high and the advantage of this service is that the client could have a flatskin or two tanned and included with his other raw prep trophies without increasing the lead-time on the delivery of the trophies and with UTS the client can be guaranteed that he will receive back his original tanned skins. We have also diverged into the market of pre tanning capes and full skins for mounting abroad. This process has proved a calculated 30 % weight reduction to raw prep hide consignments. The import into the exporting country is also far simpler as the trophies are classified as finished products. We also provide the taxidermist with a recommended wet back solution for our tan and have positive references from Taxidermists who have mounted our pre tanned capes with excellent results. References available!!

Below you will find Questions and Answers to your taxidermy needs when you come to hunt with Chumlet Safaris

Where do you recommend I get my taxidermy work done?
At present you can export raw hides and skulls from South Africa, this means you can choose whether you want your trophy taxidermy done back home or in South Africa. My personal opinion is that you cannot beat the quality of work done by the South African taxidermists on African animals. However, some of the American taxidermist’s work is far superior when cats are involved.

Whose taxidermy work is the cheapest?
This is always a bone of contention. Some say you pay for quality and others say you are being ripped off. They also say that the South African way of curing a skin is not as good as the American way. This is not true.

I always give my client’s the choice and will make various price lists available and you can make your own choice on where you want your taxidermy work to be done. However, below is an example of some information made available by one of our local taxidermists.

Fantastic savings by having your trophies mounted by a taxidermist in South Africa!

Having your trophies mounted in South Africa saves you money and professionals will mount your prized trophies. They are fully acquainted with not only the characteristics of the various animals but with their anatomical and colouring variations, which can be considerable, depending on the area they are obtained.

The taxidermist that we use to mount our animals staff all specialise in only mounting specific animals making them specialists in their field. In the USA I have seen African animals mounted on deer froms and in Germany an Nyala mounted on a form much to small so the mount ended up having folded skin. Such good trophies absolutly butchered.

What is the waiting period for trophies from South African taxidermists?
Our veterinary regulations stipulate that all skins and horns (raw prep) must dry for a minimum of three months before exportation permits will be issued. All trophies mounted in South Africa will be ready for exportation within 12 months of delivery to the taxidermist. Raw preped animals normally take 6 months to reach their destination.

When will the taxidermist start working on my trophies?
As with the hunting, most taxidermists require a deposit before they start working on your trophies. After the trophies have been delivered to the taxidermist, they will contact you to request the deposit payment and trophy mounting details. Please make sure that you explain yourself clearly when giving mounting instructions to the taxidermist and for that matter skinning instructions to the professional hunter before the trophy is skinned.

Can I make my own tags?
You cannot mark or identify your trophy enough. What I have found to be very successful are laminated business cards. This should be laminated in such a way that you can punch a hole through the laminating without destroying any of the information on the card. If you are sending your trophies home as raw prep, then contact your taxidermist and ask him for cards before leaving home.

What other information do you require?
Please ask your taxidermist for all his/her freighting details and ports of entry.

How do I contact Universal Trophy Services?
Email: info@universaltrophyservices.co.za
Website: www.universaltrophyservices.co.za

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